19-0365 Position nr 2 2019 ENG Webb

Position #2 October 2019 There is still a lot that needs to be decided before the building of the new terminal for liquefied natural gas (LNG) can start. The detailed development plan that was accep- ted this summer has been appealed. Yet, the project is now ready to move on to the ”detailed design” phase. After the environmental permit office has decided that the en- vironmental permit is complete, there is a remaining turnaround time of approximately six months. We will hopefully have the final ”clear to go” in middle of next year. This means that we can now initiate the ”detailed design” phase, including developing more detailed configuration of the terminal and reinforcing supplier relationships. The operations and services of the Port of Oxelösund are constantly evolving. Prior to the big investment in the new LNG terminal, the port has started a subsidiary, OxGas. Douglas Heilborn describes the benefits of the new organisation. – Building and running an LNG terminal does not fit within our current operational permit. This is why we have started OxGas, which is 100 percent owned by the Port of Oxelö- sund. Running the project on our own, as well as building and operating the terminal all by ourselves, make us quite unique. This solution enables us to control quality, time plan, costs, and which actors will be allowed access to the terminal. It is an open access terminal with capacity also for ship fuel. Ideal conditions at new location Both the location and the dimensions of the new terminal have been adjusted. Jens Jacobsen, manager of Technical Maintenance, explains why the LNG terminal is so suitable for this particular place. One step closer to the terminal Douglas Heilborn Jens Jacobsen