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All ships have a home port

We can travel all over the world, but it is always the values we take with us from home that determine how we act. The way we treat others defines how we are perceived, not only as individuals but also as a company.

From the CEO

The shining light

We want to be the Baltic’s leading port terminal, with Europe’s best stevedoring services. To achieve this, we must offer the right services, but even more importantly – we must work in the right way. It is about creating trust and reassurance, and showing our customers that we are a significant part of their transport chain. Our engagement in their business must be just as great as if it were our own.

We are located just where future freight growth will take place, in East Central Sweden. Our infrastructure is in place. Top-class fairway, railway and motorway take goods to and from the port. Trade volumes will be increasing. Fully laden vessels, trucks and wagons are cheaper and environment-friendlier than distributing freight across several ports and vehicles. This is why we aim to move towards more cohesive logistical solutions, in which we can assume responsibility for more links in the transport chain – or even all of it.


Douglas Heilborn



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We strive to achieve a culture in which we cultivate our self-confidence and enhance every single person’s self-belief. It’s about providing space, but also about taking your place as an individual. We make use of everyone’s strengths and treat everyone equally. It’s important to have faith in one another!



We can, we want to and we dare. Striving to be better is an integral part of our everyday lives. This is why we see opportunities and go the extra mile. Everyone has a responsibility, and the opportunity, to have an influence and contribute ideas, energy and joy!



We choose the best safe work methods, learn from our mistakes, eliminate waste and work seamlessly together. We do this by building strong teams, eliminating wasted time and resources and designing stable work processes.