Business Policy

Respect for the customer and for one another

Oxelösunds Hamn AB is a safe, customer-oriented, efficient logistics company that applies mutual respect to meet the expectations of customers and the world at large by always striving to do the right thing. Quality is everyone’s responsibility, and we work with continuous improvements in all parts of the business by capturing and giving feedback on deviations in order to learn and improve. We strive to achieve a sustainable environment, a safe workplace, a good team spirit, a healthy company profit and good customer relationships.


Best, safe work methods

We always strive to maintain good order in the business and to use the best work methods available in order to achieve a high level of safety and an efficient business.

Learn and improve

We analyse and improve our business continuously by means of management by objectives, systematic problem-solving and process improvement.

A focus on customer needs

We focus on satisfying our customers’ needs in the best possible way by means of daily control and by measuring and evaluating customer satisfaction.

Resource optimisation

We make the best possible use of our resources through production planning. Every day we manage the production situation with the right service, employees, technology, materials, berths and maintenance measures.

Getting it right

We focus on doing the right things and doing them the right way. We do this both when working individually and when we collaborate in teams.


We work in cross-functional teams and workgroups to achieve good collaboration between the business’s stakeholders.