We create your safest environment

We work around the clock, every day of the year, to offer our customers the very best service. But we must also be able to maintain the highest possible level of safety. There is continuous security work under way at the port, with each employee having a responsibility for ensuring that any risks are highlighted.

International sea traffic and the port facility are protected and monitored in accordance with current rules such as the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code and the Swedish Port Security Act. These regulations forbid unauthorised access to the port facility and ships. Port regulations for the Port of Oxelösund.

Safe port visits

Safety measures when loading and unloading vessels

The following safety rules apply when loading and unloading in the port. The rules are based on regulations issued by the Swedish Work Environment Act, the Swedish Ship Safety Act and the ILO’s “Safety and health in dock work”.

  • There must be a safety net beneath the gangway. The net must be secured so that it prevents falls between the vessel and the quayside.
  • The deck must be kept clean and in non-slip condition.
  • Hatch covers and beams must be located to provide sufficient space for the hatch foreman.
  • A list of hazardous goods (in accordance with the IMDG Code) and where they are stowed must be submitted to the supervisor responsible.
  • The work platform for the hatch foreman must have a guard rail.
  • In connection with section loading or unloading there must be a safety net that prevents people or freight from falling down.
  • On ro-ro ships there must be protection against swerving or falling by lift openings. It is only permitted to transport people if this is clearly specified in the lift certificate. – When combustion engines are being used in the vessel, there must be effective evacuation of exhaust gases.
  • There must be safe means of access, which are well lit during the hours of darkness.
  • Crew members and stevedores should not work in the hold at the same time if possible.
  • When work takes place, only crew members involved in loading/unloading work should be within the cargo handling area.
  • Personnel must wear reflective clothing and personal protective equipment.
  • The patent hatch cover must be secured with a mechanical locking device when open.

Rules on port visits

The Port of Oxelösund is the east coast’s deep-water port. To be able to safely receive vessels up to 250 m long and 45 m wide during the daytime and 250 × 35 m at night time, we are gradually developing safer procedures in partnership with the Swedish Maritime Administration and the Nautical Council at the pilot station in Oxelösund.

Mandatory boatmen

As from 01/03/2007, the use of a boatswain is mandatory when arriving at all berths at the Port of Oxelösund for vessels with a length (LOA) of more than 70 m. This decision is based on the risks of personal injuries and damage to quayside facilities in connection with mooring.

Port security

In accordance with the Swedish Port Security Act (2006:1209), the whole of the Port of Oxelösund is considered a secure area. The areas of the port are therefore fenced in and access normally takes place via a main gate. Anyone within the area may be required to produce identification, and a failure to produce this will result in expulsion.