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We create your safest environment

We work around the clock, every day of the year, to offer our customers the very best service. But we must also be able to maintain the highest possible level of safety. There is continuous security work under way at the port, with each employee having a responsibility for ensuring that any risks are highlighted.

International ship traffic and the port facility are protected and monitored in accordance with current rules such as the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code and the Swedish Port Security Act. These regulations forbid unauthorised access to the port facility and ships.


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Rules on port visits

The Port of Oxelösund is the east coast’s deep-water port. To be able to safely receive vessels up to 250 m long and 45 m wide during the daytime and 250 × 35 m at night time, we are gradually developing safer procedures in partnership with the Swedish Maritime Administration and the Nautical Council at the pilot station in Oxelösund.

ISPS – Shipping security

Information about security-related activities, for which Oxelösunds Hamn AB is the party responsible.

This information is issued with reference to the international rules regarding shipping security (the ISPS Code) that are valid as from 1 July 2004. The purpose is to clarify which rules apply within the relevant port areas.


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