This is how we work

We’re with you all the way

As a customer, you must feel that we can assume total responsibility. We have the storage areas, warehouses and services, as well as knowledge and service-mindedness. We can meet all your challenges, and we have everything you need. We can handle your entire logistics chain, from start to finish. This is an offer to you as a customer, but it is also a responsibility we must be able to shoulder. A promise that we can keep. We summarise this promise in our brand motto, “The All Inclusive Port”. For us, this means that whatever needs you have as a customer, we can satisfy them at the Port of Oxelösund.

Word approach

The Port of Oxelösund’s Production System

For our customers, the way we work is every bit as important as the quality of the actual product or service we deliver. This is particularly important when it comes to long-term customer relationships and partnerships, which we always strive to achieve. This is why we created a work approach that is unique to the Port of Oxelösund. We call it OPS (Port of Oxelösund’s Production System).

When working with OPS, we start with our core values (Respect, Commitment and Efficiency). We then act in accordance with our principles, apply our work approach, methods and tools so that we ultimately achieve the goals we have set. All parts of this model belong together. If we fail to achieve the desired result in one step – we go back to the previous one and see whether we did the right thing there.

Our guide in everyday life

Our principles serve as our guide, helping us to shape our thoughts and practical action at work.
All principles shall be pervaded by our core values: “Respect, Engagement and Efficiency”.